LUX Style Files: ECO-LUX Eyewear by MODO

What could be more LUX than fashion forward frames that are also environmentally friendly!? Kinda ingenious right?? Well, that’s exactly what we thought about MODO and their new






ptics line!

MODO is renowned at being a LUX eyewear designer, but now they’re raising their standards on sustainability by utilizing recycled stainless steel and repurposed plastic. And to keep consistent, they’ve taken the packaging green as well and comes with a kit to make mailing-in your old & dated spectacles easy!! Green practice with a sense of ease—so LUX!

“More than 120 million Americans use corrective eyewear and approximately 90 million wear sunglasses. This is a huge opportunity to make a difference,” said Alessandro Lanaro, CEO of MODO, ECO's parent company. “The power lies with the retailers to make sustainability attainable for all and that means offering a desirable, quality collection at a fair price.”

Expect to find a variety of LUX ECO eyewear options for both women and men. The collection ranges in options from mod, to classic aviators, trend items, to the much-loved Jackie O silhouette! PLUS, with every pair you purchase, MODO will donate one new tree to ‘Trees for the Future,’ a non-profit organization that has been helping communities around the world to plant trees for the last 20 years!!

This is the first eyewear collection aimed at combining high fashion with green principles! Definitely the start of an eco-LUX movement and so LUX-o’lution worthy! This is the kind of green that speaks my language!!

So LUX Nation, what do you think? Does this make you want to trade in your current shades and Up-cycle for an ECO pair?? Are you into the concept of renew and reuse?


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