LUX Tech:  Apple Launches the iPad

LUX Nation, we had to do a quick bit about the new iPad that has just been revealed this week to find out your thoughts and opinions!

Don’t get us wrong, this sleek device definitely has the Apple touches, but is it tempting enough to make us give up our Kindle, iPhone, iTouch and iMac?

Definitely the most impressive tidbit is that it has more than 10-hours of battery life and that outweighs any laptop without a plug-in for sure. Even the 9.7”color liquid crystal display and touch-screen keyboard adds an extra something to make this gadget extremely LUX worthy!

“The iPad’s display uses the same capacitive touchscreen technology as the iPhone and iPod Touch,” says Vinita Jakhanwal, principal analyst for iSuppli to “At the same time, it offers a better picture quality than conventional LCDs.”

The iPad, even with all of its naming grief, definitely has some benefits that might just add to our on the go lifestyle, though some wonder if it’ll be enough. Yes it plays movies, games and other media. It even allows access to iBooks as well as iTunes.

Expected to retail from $499 to $829, this machine is definitely competing for your tech-savvy attention. It will come with 16, 32, or 64 GB flash storage and Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth capabilities. Not to mention allow you immediate access to over 140,000 apps from day one and prepare this number to expand!!

Pre-sales are available now, with shipping to begin at the end of March and April for the high-end models! To learn more visit,

So, do you think this new technology has enough to entice you to change your ways? To embark on a new relationship with Apple that goes beyond the iTouch, iPhone or iMac?

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