LUX Beauty Tip: To Embrace Your Curly Locks

Calling all LUXies with luscious curls! This new reference site is geared to provide you curly tops with all the tools and tips necessary to help manage your beautiful mane!!/p>

NaturallyCurly.com is a resource aimed in helping you embrace your curls in a way that brings out the best in them! As us curlies know, the beauty industry tends to mainly showcase how to care for straight hair and leaves us ringlets laden beauties behind in the dust. Through this market need, Naturallycurly.com was born to help address the limited resources available for curly hair care!

Curly hair is natural – a person should be able to embrace her curls, love them just they way they are. If she wants to straighten, that’s fine, too, but no one should feel she must change a fundamental part of her appearance simply to be accepted by society.—via Naturallycurly.com

This is a great place to see tips, find products and share your personal stories on managing your curls. They’ve even created a ‘Curly Cocktail’ made especially for managing your LUX-do!!

Be sure to check out the site and find the best ways to handle those unruly locks!

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