LUX Travel Alert:  The Ultimate Search Engine Just for Travel

Calling all LUX frequent travelers!! Booking that special trip just got LUX-ified with this new search engine,!!

This is a site that focuses on only ‘serving up the essentials’ in destinations and businesses that have been first, authenticated and validated!!

The LUX guarantee of ensuring the search results allows you to cut the research time in planning any excursion, big or small!! I am sure you all can relate to the never ending searching and countless hours we have wasted online to only end up at a dead end. Well LUXies, look no further because if promises what it says it does, we have found a powerful tool in the world of search, in which our travel agendas will greatly benefit!!

Currently in Beta, this site doesn’t officially launch until August!! LadyLUX wanted to be sure you were informed before the rest, so be sure to check out the site and tell us what you think!! Efficiency is our motto, and we love the idea of this great new search option—we can hardly wait to make our winter travel plans!

Is this a search engine that interests you?? Could this be your go to guide for all the essential information in travel?!?


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