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Fall just might be the perfect time to travel. After the summer crowds have died down, the weather gets cooler and the colors become even more striking, the season is set for a perfect vacation. Some may even agree that various summer hot spots are better to visit during the fall because of the more peaceful setting. Here are ten of the best cities to visit during fall when foliage is at its prime!

Providence, R.I.


The capital of Rhode Island will never cease to amaze guests during the fall. This easy-going season in Providence will fill visitors’ itineraries with theater shows, evening bonfires along the city’s river and spectacular foliage-viewing.

Portland, Maine


As late summer arrives, residents of mid-coast Maine towns begin to resume their peaceful lives. The leaves change colors early and the air becomes saltier. Portland is the city to visit in October because of the harvest-time activities like famers’ markets and microbrew festivals. Strolling down the cobblestone streets will help travelers feel the charm of the town.

Honolulu, Hawaii


The autumn months offer some of the best vacation deals for this costly summer destination. In Honolulu, guests can stroll along the beaches in mildly cooler weather, turn up the romance and even get up close and personal time with whales. This is the season when humpback whales migrate from Alaska and head to the islands.

New York, N.Y.


There is never a bad time to visit New York City. Autumn is when the city streets and parks are lined with golden-leafed trees and the crisp weather adds to the upbeat city life. Besides all of the fabulous sites to see and restaurants to indulge in, don’t forget to attend the key event of the fall—New York Fashion Week!

Santa Fe, N. Mex.


If travelers are up for a cultural vacation in New Mexico, then Santa Fe is the place to be during the fall. Known as one of the top American cities for ethnic foods, autumn in Santa Fe is especially tasty because of the green chile harvest season. Hikers will enjoy the Aspen-Vista trail outside of downtown Santa Fe, while others can venture out to the art galleries, antique shops and cute boutiques.

Boston, Mass.


Boston is known for its historical battle fields, Irish pubs, colonial and modern architecture and definitely its fall weather. While the locals are watching a New England Patriots game, visitors can join in on the fun at the nearest pub or microbrew after sightseeing along the water.

Minneapolis, Minn.


Known as one of the coldest places during the winter, Minneapolis is a modern city that offers visitors a great destination during the fall season. Guests can travel to the Great Lakes, bike around city trails and scenic public parks, and try a famous Juicy Lucy burger while taking in the fall color of the city.

Vienna, Austria


This modern metropolis is a haven for travelers looking for a blend of old and new traditions. This melting pot of Western and Eastern-European influences is what makes Vienna sites like the Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the Prater Ferris Wheel and the Vienna Ring Road so spectacular. In addition to the old culture, Vienna is known for its wine harvesting and contemporary music festivals in October.

Stuttgart, Germany


Known as the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, Stuttgart offers much more than German luxury cars. Travelers should add the Lichtenstein Castle, two local museums and of course, Cannstatter Volkfest, the world’s second largest brewing festival to their itinerary. The fall is a time for German heritage to be greatly displayed with pride.

Vancouver, Canada


Vancouver is always a hot spot for travel because of its location on the water, scenic areas, cleanliness and close proximity to various outdoor attractions. After the busy summer season, Vancouver becomes a quiet jewel for travelers. They can take a ferry ride to the city of Victoria at the tip of Vancouver, attend the Great Canadian Beer Festival, see the beautiful VanDusen Botanical Gardens and go on whale watching excursions.

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