LUX-Travel Option ‘Clear Program’ Closes Abruptly

LUXies, it seems that the promising ‘fast-pass’ for airport travel, Clear, has such financial hardship that it has forced them to close their doors; leaving many busy travelers in the lurch.

Verified Identity Pass, Inc. offered a special fast lane for verified passengers promising speed and convenience for those frequent fliers. Clear’s service provided avid travelers the luxury of bypassing long screening lines to get through security more effectively and efficiently. This is definitely a LUX-worthy service for many of us who travel enough to call airports our second home!

The service was offered at annual fees of $178-199 a year and you could even get better deals if you bought 2 or 3 year membership programs! Well, although this low price might have been great for consumers, it seems that it did not allow for enough revenue generation to secure creditors and therefore, Verified Identity Pass had to abruptly shut their doors as of last week!!

“At the present time, because of financial condition, Verified Identity Pass, Inc. cannot issue refunds,” the company said on its website.

The worse option was that many of these ‘Clear Members’ found out about the news the hard way! By showing up at the airport and finding that the lines were barricaded off… only a small handful actually were told via email and some are just now finding out, which is definitely not a LUX approach for treating your customers!!

There are many customers who are still in shock and now worried about how their ‘confidential’ information collected that was used to verify and qualify them for membership will be treated moving forward.

To read the whole story, check out Google News or visit the Clear website for detailed information!

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