LUX Your Taste Buds with New Organic Spices

Attention inner chefs!! You now have a new LUX-ified alternative to flavoring your food!!

That’s right Aromatica Organics, the first all organic spice company has just launched a whole new line of Spices to meet your budget and ignite your palate! Just think about all you can do with your fridge full of food—you’ll never again have to settle for bland just because you don’t feel like eating out.

Aromatica Organics is a company built with food service veterans who have spent a combined 75 years marketing, growing, and building fresh herbs into mainstay products found in most kitchens in America today. In 1997, Aromatica began sourcing and selling spices from around the world. Our success has been a result of working closely with organic farmers from 50 different countries, offering more than 100 different organic spices, fresh dehydrated herbs, specialty mushrooms, exotic chilies, dried beans, nuts and rice.—via their website

The ‘Spice It Now!’ line is available directly through their website in individual packages with a LUX-o’nomic price of $.099!! The aim here is to help support you to provide that ‘restaurant’ quality appeal with your at home experience!! Clearly combining the comfort of a home-cooked meal with sensational tastes to intensify your taste buds!!! wink

So, LUX Nation does this inspire you to stay in and create your own masterpiece of flavor and spice??

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