Luxury Yachting Casts Off in Style

Hermès and renowned sail and power boat maker Wally Yachts have joined forces to form the company Wally Hermès Yachts (WHY). Their flagship product was unveiled to international press at a shipyard in Ancona, one day before the concept was officially introduced at the Monaco Yacht Show.

It was June of 2008 when the joint venture was signed, with the goal being to develop an entirely new type of motor yacht. The partnership is an equal one, with each company—legendary Monaco yachting outfit and famed Parisian fashion house—being involved in every aspect, from conception to design. The premiere venture—the WHY 58—boasts unusual proportions, at 58 x 38m, and possesses a design unlike anything else on the open seas. The vessels is part spaceship, part cruiser from the year 2040, such is its completely smooth, flat surface (recall the reactions of the public when the first ATM cards debuted, or the Motorola Startack showed its face, the slenderness of their proportions impacting the culture as they did. Three levels separate the ship’s three spaces—the common space on Level 1, along with the beach, spa, dining room, music room, and cinema; Level 2 for the guest space, lounge, and library; and Level 3 which holds the master space, each with sprawling terraces and each fashioned of light wood, glass, and white accents, furnishings included, sans embellishment and sans artifice—very Hermes all around. All the necessary elements one could hope for are included as well, such as a 25 meter lap pool, helipad, and space for a spa and entertainment centre. Fear not: Goodness reigns on WHY 58 too. The yacht introduces a host of environmental initiatives as well, proving that one can be good and live the good life.

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