MAC Sets Eye on Expansion, Targeting Europe

With the continued success of cosmetics brand MAC they’re setting to expand their stand-alone store approach throughout Europe.

Just launched this last fall, MAC opened several freestanding stores in South America and they’re seeing rave reviews and record sales. To expand on this concept, they’ve also chosen to do the same across the pond. Focusing most of their attention on

Paris and London, expect to see several more store locations open this year.

As of now, there are 132 locations and with supporting numbers the revenues grew to double-digits from July to December of this last year. This shows that the customer base is there to support additional stores.

MAC does offer different specialties in these European locations to match the customer demands. It seems in the U.S. we’re more obsessed with color range, while Europeans care more about fragrance and treatment products.

“We are working very closely with our global team in New York, as well as tapping into our directors of artistry [MAC’s in-house makeup artists that represent the brand internationally] in London and Paris to customize our product and collateral offerings to make them more relevant to the European consumers’ preferences. Additionally, and aligned with our brand heritage and DNA, we see great potential in targeting underserved ethnic populations, particularly in Western Europe.”—says Jean-Guillaume Trottier, MAC vice president.

As you can see, the current economy is not slowing any plans for expansion. This is great news for all!

So LUXies, what makes MAC products so LUX to you? Do you like the idea of this continued expansion?

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