Making Scents for Fall 2010

This fall, three giants of the fashion and beauty business will bring out the big perfume guns again, by launching new signature scents. How is there possibly room for yet another scent in the world of fragrance? With these companies, anything is possible.

Lanvin, who embodies the ultimate in Parisian chic, and is about to open a boutique on Madison Avenue in New York City this week, has made a huge comeback in the past few years with company initiatives across the board—advertising, more retail locations, runway shows, a genius creative director; let it be said, at least by this journalist, that they were never out of fashion, just maybe snoozing. I would be too if I were 121 years old. Lanvin is world-famous for their fragrances, for the legendary Arpege, as well as Rumeur and Scandal (only a French fashion house could name a perfume Scandal). Their latest: Marry Me. But of course! Created with the company Inter Parfums (who officially holds their license), it connotes conjoining, but is meant to celebrate happiness and complicity—perhaps results all along the same lines. Philippe Benacin, that company’s Chairman and CEO calls Marry Me “Young, fresh, romantic”, and says the marrying kind are its target audience. Lanvin will launch the eau de parfum at the end of August.

Another from the country that gave birth to fashion is Lady Million, from the legendary Paco Rabanne. After the wild success of 1 Million, its fragrance for men that launched two years ago, the company will try to equal that success with one for women. Paco Rabanne is owned by Puig, the Italian conglomerate and parent of many luxury brands. Just off its launch already in France this month, the rest of Europe, the United States, Middle East, Latin America, and Asia will enjoy Lady Million’s top notes of bitter orange and raspberry mixed with gardenia followed by patchouli, amber, and honey at its base, among other notes.

As if marriage proposals and money weren’t enough (kidding), the real thing at the end of the day is love, and Chloe knows this to be true. In late August as well, they will launch Love, Chloe, the new fragrance that has—what else—Paris as its backdrop. Already, for the period from September through the end of the year, the fragrance is estimated to generate 25 million euros, or $32.2 million, in retail sales. That’s not to mention what it will generate when it hits the United States and South America in the early part of next year. Saks Fifth Avenue will carry the fragrance exclusively starting in October.

And the biggest talents were pulled from all corners to craft the launch of Love, Chloe, the second for the company, after its signature scent, Chloe, launched two years ago. The ad campaign, which features Raquel Zimmerman, was shot by Roman Coppolla, depicting the model making her way through the glorious city streets. Creative Director Ezra Petronio, who puts out the superbly original self-service magazine as well, worked with Chloe fashion house creative director Hannah MacGibbon to contribute to the overall look and feel of the fragrance, which is slated to be modern as well as traditional (and the Chloe clothing in the campaigns are beyond gorgeous). As for the elements of the perfume itself, try orange blossom and pink pepper, iris absolute, lilac, hyacinth, heliotropine, with musks and rice powder. Not to worry: It all comes out smelling sweet in the end.

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