Mercedes-Benz and Dazed & Confused team up for Fashion Broadcasting

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and Dazed & Confused have teamed up to introduce Fashion Broadcasting and reveal an unseen side of fashion. The unique digital platform will expand the boundaries of broadcast media by providing international exposure to exciting, up-and-coming talents from around the world.

Throughout the year, Dazed & Confused’s fashion director Cathy Edwards will curate an exclusive series of short films that reflects the creative energy of cities and their designers. For its introductory season, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Broadcasting will zoom in on the fashion weeks organized in Australia, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Russia and China. The creative vignettes will be directed by local filmmakers and will follow the up-and-coming designers as their work progresses from the studio to the runway, divulging their inspirations and ambitions.

The short films can be viewed here.

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