Michael Jackson 300-Piece Clothing & Accessories Collection Coming Soon

Calling all Michael Jackson fans! It seems that before the ‘King of Pop’ left us, he co-created a new line of merchandise; a lifestyle collection made up of 300-pieces spanning the range from clothing, accessories to house ware. An inspired by piece of iconic MJ influence has just become possible without the major price tag.

“Early in June, Michael Jackson approved a line of official merchandise for you, his fans,” promoters AEG wrote in an email to fans this week.

Originally this collection was to be released to coincide with his London concert tour. But due to his sudden death, these plans have been adjusted. Beginning this fall, the new MJ approved line of FAN wear and home goods will be available to all who love and adore The King of Pop at your neighborhood Target and JC Penny stores.

One of the most classic pieces of iconic MJ memorabilia is the ‘red’ signature jacket modeled after his Thriller video will be one of the major featured items. A definite must for all you children of the 80’s channeling your inner rock star!

So LUX Nation, what do you think? Does this 300-piece collection make you want to invest in your own MJ-inspired item to have and hold on too now that plans have changed? Definitely begs the question, would you have bought something from this line if Michael were still with us?

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