Milla Jovovich shows some major bling-bling

To celebrate her new position as the face of Jacob & Co., Milla Jovovich was positively dressed to the nines at the Baselworld watch and jewelry fair, strutting around in millions of dollars' worth of jewelry. Founder Jacob “King of Bling” Arabov ensured she was covered in expensive jewels for the occasion.

“Well, it’s not much,” Jovovich joked to WWD. “This ring is $20 million. This bracelet is probably $10 million. Necklace is about, I don’t know, 6.5. The earrings are 10. No big deal.”

With such expensive accessories, it is no surprise that six security guards were assigned watch. The six were so diligent, they even attempted to prevent Jovovich’s husband, director Paul W.S. Anderson, from entering the room.

The couple, with four “Resident Evil” films under their belt, will collaborate on the upcoming “The Three Musketeers,” directed by Anderson and featuring Jovovich and set for release in October.

The actress sees a connection.

“The whole point of the story is stealing the queen’s diamonds, and who else would be better to put diamonds on a queen than Jacob?” she told WWD.

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Purple Neon/LadyLUX via WWD and Jacob & Co.

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