MyCharityBox makes online giving easy

Face it: Nonprofits often struggle to attract the funds they need. MyCharityBox is here to help. As giving becomes more and more digital, the customizable service provides a much-needed online platform for charities to fundraise and attract and keep donors.
Offering an affordable way to access donors across multiple platforms, MyCharityBox makes giving easy.

“It offers a full suite of features that not only allow the organizations to collect donations, but actually helps them raise awareness and build their brand,” Getzy Fellig, creator of MyCharityBox, said. “We put tools out there that will get donors in front of a screen (mobile or computer) to learn about your organization and have the opportunity to give. At the same time, what's more important is nonprofits need to get something going period. They need to be online. They need to have ways for people to give to them electronically. So, frankly, I don't care what you use, just use something!”

The platform already reaches more than 1,200 of the 1.5 million charities in the United States, counting among its clients prestigious nonprofits such as the Jewish National Fund, March of Dimes and

The site is simple, accessible and easy to manage. Organizations can safely process and store data in a cloud system rather than buying costly hardware and software. Donors may charge their card through the system or the organization can charge it on the backend.

“Fundraising is never easy. The whole process is a challenge,” Fellig asserted. “The economy is currently the hardest hurdle to overcome. Yet it’s not the amount, it’s the gift. So people should just give whatever they can. And with MyCharityBox, donors can give when the inspiration arrives. They don't have to find their check book, find a stamp and put the envelope in the mail. With our lives being as busy as they are, giving needs to be easily accessible, quick and simple. MyCharityBox does that.”

Online management tools make everything a whiz to monitor. The service is customized, creating drives that reflect a brand’s unique vibe. Funds are collected in the same manner as real life using a dynamic and interactive strategy.

The platform combines marketing and accounting functionality. Using the Constant Contact tool, the charity can send email marketing messages, and accounting tools track activity specific to the organization.

With a Jewish background, Fellig grew up with charity in his blood and a charity can in his home, office and synagogue. One year during Passover, he and his rabbi brother-in-law discussed how the charity box is dying out as giving moves online. Instead of the clink of a coin, it has become the click of a mouse as a credit card number is entered. This realization gave birth to the giving platform, which is designed to allow consumers to donate via smartphone or computer instead of sending a check.

“We bring life to giving. Our process is very interactive and engaging. We make giving fun! You don't need to fill out some boring form to give, you can actually drop virtual coins into a can,” Fellig said.

MyCharityBox levels the playing field when it comes to accessible payment technology. A nonprofit of any size has similar opportunities, whether it is a behemoth organization pulling in $100 million a year or a fledgling start-up.

“Technology is accessible and out there for everyone who doesn't have a huge budget, or a budget period, to access it,” Fellig maintained. “This may sound like a common theme of technology companies, but let’s face it, charities are the last on the list when it comes to what innovative companies are thinking about for problems to solve.”

Pricing is competitive, from free to $50, with reasonable transaction fees.

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