Nars to Publish New Creative Layout ‘15x15’ in Honor of Their 15th Anniversary

Turning beauty into art, this new limited-edition print 15x15 was designed by beauty brand Nars.

Utilizing inspired themes throughout the book and incorporating star power truly gives this masterpiece a unique blend of entertainment through imagery. François Nars was the creative genius behind the creative layout and it embodies the essence of the Nars label.

“There’s something very different on every page,” said Nars. “You don’t get bored.”

Some well known talented faces, 15 to be exact, were recruited to help tell the story in a much more powerful way. These include Marc Jacobs, Isabella Rossellini, Amber Valletta, Dayle Haddon, Naomi Campbell, Amanda Lepore, Daphne Guinness, François Vincentelli, Natasha Poly, Lisa Marie Smith, Olivier Theyskens, Carla Gugino, Shalom Harlow, Tyson Ballou and Jennifer Jason Leigh. Each of these celebs selected a special charity to donate the proceeds of their image to. All proceeds of this book will go to benefit several different charities. Making this book even more LUX-tastic!

“Basically, I wanted people who reflected my taste, friends and people I admired for their look and talent,” said Nars. “I love the way Marc looks, but also what he is and does. I tried to pick people not just for looks, but for talent.

One image that stands out is the front image of Marc Jacobs that we‘ve highlighted above. This image was “inspired by the Richard Avedon image of the Sixties supermodel China Machado and Nars Dovima Nail Polish (a tomato-red shade named for another Sixties-era supermodel who was a favorite of Avedon’s).” The proceeds from this image will be donated to benefit AmFar.

As you can see, this book aims to make a bold statement as a way to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Nars in both a unique and humanitarian way. If you’re interested in getting your own copy, the 15x15 edition will be available mid-November for 30 days only at 15x15project.com for $80. There will only be 1,500 copies sold!!

What do you think LUXies? Is this a book you would like to get your hands on?


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15x15 Limited Edition Nars Photography Book

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