Netrobe iPhone app: The easiest way to manage your clothes

Do you find yourself constantly saying “I have nothing to wear”? Now there is an answer for all those last-minute fashion predicaments.

Fashion technology has been taken to a new level with the Netrobe iPhone application—a virtual fashion app that helps to create, organize and style your closet using your own existing clothing items. Netrobe can help men and women dress smarter and faster by bringing their closets to their fingertips.

“Netrobe is a socially interactive way to create and refine your style,” Christina Plakopita, founder and president of Netrobe, said.

Netrobe has been a top-ranked application in iTunes and even been featured in Greek Vogue and TechCrunch.

A Greek native and fashion technology entrepreneur, Plakopita was inspired to create the app after watching the movie “Clueless,” which features an online computerized closet. She designed the app while living in New York City, later founding her mobile application and Netrobe online wardrobe management company, in Athens.

Not only does Netrobe help users organize their closet and create multiple outfit options with its five features—Netrobe, Lookbook, Styleboard, Agenda and Suitcase, but it also reminds fashionistas of the overlooked items in their closet and helps them map their future wardrobe selections.

“There are a lot of sites that provide fashion inspiration, and Netrobe is a way for people to apply those ideas to their own closets,” Plakopita said.

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The signature feature is the “Netrobe” wardrobe organization tool, which allows users to upload photos of individual clothing pieces, shoes and accessories from their closet. A white background appears behind each uploaded item, which can then be sorted by various user-generated categories, such as tops, bottoms, skirts, heels and more.

“Once people take inventory of their clothes, Netrobe will be able to make recommendations based on (users’) personal preferences. No other fashion app considers what you actually own to help determine future purchases,” the founder said.

The “Lookbook” element enables users to snap photos and file images of inspirational fashion looks, wish list items and style ideas for future reference or to share with friends.

“Styleboard” creates ensembles from users’ clothing and accessories already in their wardrobe, mixing and matching items to maximize the closet’s potential.

The “Agenda” allows users keep track of what they wore and when, and what they plan to wear with an interactive calendar. Women can avoid wearing the same outfit twice, plus be prepared for any social scene.

“Suitcase” helps fashionistas pack their suitcase on the go–virtually. This tool allows trendy travelers to digitally pull items from their closet and sort them by trip. After returning from their trip, globetrotters can review the success of what they packed and keep their new packing list ready for future getaways.

“Netrobe is about expressing a user's personal style. It helps them know what they have and better express themselves through their clothes. So many people have all of these clothes in their closet that just sit there, unused. My hope is that they'll actually wear what they have and maximize their wardrobes,” Plakopita said.

Plakopita hopes Netrobe becomes application that fixes everyone’s daily wardrobe needs by means of social networking.

“As we continue to develop features, our end goal is to create an entire social network around people and their style preferences. Friends can advise others on how to maximize their wardrobes, and individuals can identify trends and gaps in their wardrobe. Social networking and integration will be the major area of focus for us—that’s when we really think this app will become a fully integrated part of our daily lives,” Plakopita said.

The Netrobe iPhone application has the ability to revolutionize the fashion industry with its cutting-edge technology. It will likely become a go-to gadget for fashionistas everywhere to fix their clothing crises.

The Netrobe app is now available on the iTunes App Store and

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