NEW Eco-T Available on YOOXYGEN

LUXies, living green couldn’t be more chic! Now, we can do it with greater ease with the launch of Yoox.com’s new sustainable project, YOOXYGEN, which is aimed at offering eco-friendly chic attire to fit almost any wardrobe!!

It seems Edun Live, part of Bono’s clothing company, and Yoox have joined forces to offer limited edition opportunities in eco-chic apparel designed for both men and women. ALL the PROCEEDS will be ‘donated to the environmental non-governmental organization Green Cross International’. Not only will you be giving back to our environment, but benefiting a worthy cause as well!!

Part of the strategy and design is to enlist a variety of ‘green’ living celebrities to be the designers for this new fundraising eco-collection!! So put it on your radar all you Green loving LUXies, for the up and coming designs!! wink

First up: American model and activist, now designer, Angela Lindvall!! She has designed an eco-T that is made of 100% organic cotton and is simple, yet lovely.

“My shirt was created from the shadows of trees. Our shadow side is what sometimes pushes us to grow.” –says Lindvall

Showcased on the cover of Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, and Vogue, Lindvall has definitely made a statement in the modeling industry. As well in the environmental arena with her ‘Collage Foundation’ aimed at encouraging young people to practice sustainability and environmentally conscious choices!! As an avid vegetarian and environmentalist, we can see why Edun Live and Yoox selected her to be the first designer for this new eco-collection!!

You can check out the T for yourself in both at YOOXYGEN.


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