New fashion website gets clue from Hollywood

It’s the site the fashionable everywhere have been dreaming of. ModaCAD Inc., an e-commerce software developer, is about to unveil a new fashion website named FashionTrip. Shoppers will be able to decide what to purchase online after checking out the items on 3-D virtual models. Not only that, the web destination will also offer fashion news and advice.

Web customers will select the articles, displayed on professional actors, and then model them on on-screen dummies that are expressly created off the user’s own dimensions. After completing a profile describing her body type and fashion tastes, the customer receives recommendations of clothing, accessories and makeup to buy (without infringing on the user’s privacy).

Interactive tools on the site are on hand to make the experience a personalized one, including advice that is hoped to be more on target than other online options.

“Fashion trends are also dictated by media icons, not just designers,” Maurizio Vecchione, chief operating officer of ModaCAD in Los Angeles, said in an interview with ZDNN. He believes that the new site is a logical extension of the increasing tendency to use actors as fashion models.

The deal is to make everyone involved happy: The company is partnering with United Artists Pictures and MGM, which will receive exposure for its upcoming films; the designers featured will gain from celebrity endorsements; and the site’s customers get what Vecchione refers to as a one-stop fashion and entertainment resource.

The site,, will be launched this holiday season.

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