New LovingEco website offers eco-friendly fashion for less

Now you can get your fashion fix, while keeping the earth—and the inside of your wallet—green. LovingEco, a new members-only social commerce website, is offering eco-friendly yet fashionable goods at fabulous prices of up to 70 percent off retail. Launched by two female entrepreneurs, the site combines style with sustainability, benefiting our planet with a variety of merchandise, from accessories to beauty products, clothing and baby goods.

“LovingEco is a passion project for us. We love shopping and fashion, and also care deeply about making a difference on this planet,” Melinda Moore, co-founder and president of LovingEco, and Justine Lassoff, co-founder and CEO, said. “With our backgrounds in digital marketing, retail and design, we saw the opportunity to become social entrepreneurs to make eco hip and create a sustainable way to give back.”

Members can enjoy access to environmentally responsible, fair trade and natural items from top brands such as Novica, Happy Endings, Clary Sage Organics, Souchi, Cri De Coeur and English Retreads. Goods are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the exclusive sale events are offered for a limited time only. Every Thursday the site hosts specials sales for moms, featuring baby and kids products, such as personal care and toys.

“Our mission is to create a healthier planet and to enable women to ‘vote with their wallets’ for environmental and socially responsible companies,” Moore and Lassoff said. “LovingEco is passionate about inspiring change, giving back (and) having fun.”

The LovingEco brands team roots out innovative companies that sell merchandise which is organic, vegan, cruelty-free, fair trade, recycled, sustainable, made in the U.S., made locally, handmade, biodegradable, and/or energy and resource efficient.

Targeting busy women who don’t want to compromise on style, the website allows for an interactive experience through features such as a Vwall -- a “view wall” that displays videos, photos, opportunities for customers to share and more.

“We like to interact with our customers and allow them to feel a sense of community,” Moore and Lassoff described.

Founded on the principle that everyone can make a difference, LovingEco does further good by donating 3 percent of net proceeds to charities, including Stand Up To Cancer, Global Green USA, Farm Sanctuary, The Environmental Media Association, Village Empowerment and Wholesome Wave. The website also holds special exclusive sales, in which 100 percent of net proceeds benefits nonprofits. This week, all net proceeds from a fair trade bracelet will be directed toward the programs of Stand Up To Cancer.

“An important goal in founding LovingEco was to give back and to create a sustainable way to raise critical funds for nonprofit organizations that are fostering important change for our community and our world,” Moore and Lassoff explained.

Growing up in a family that cared about sustainability, Moore got her start as an environmentalist at the early age of 5, when her father taught her to crush cans.

“I have always embraced a natural lifestyle, and this is a way for me to inspire other women to discover many innovative and stylish eco brands,” Moore said in a statement.

Lassoff became interested in sustainable goods after the birth of her son.

“Like many women, as a mother I became more aware of the ingredients of products that came in contact with me and my family, along with the longer term environmental impact of everything we consume,” Lassoff shared in a statement.

The two founders have capitalized on their diverse backgrounds in creating the site: Lassoff brings qualifications in digital media and marketing and experience as an interior designer — including founding her own design firm -- while Moore is a veteran marketing executive, with more than 15 years experience in sectors such as mobile, digital and big consumer brand communications.

The duo envisions the day when eco-friendly and socially conscious products are mainstream, and customers realize the impact their purchases have on our planet.

Check out their “Style for Change” video to learn more about the LovingEco website and its purpose. And be sure to visit and see all of their planet-friendly deals.

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Purple Neon/LadyLUX via LovingEco

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