NEW ‘Melrose Place’ to Combine Fashion with Drama!!

As we think of the popular 90’s TV show ‘Melrose Place,’ what comes to mind? Is it the infamous courtyard setting with the tiled pool or the sexy cast with all the steamy drama we couldn’t resist?!?

Well LUXies, many of us were fans of this tawdry, weekly evening soap, and it seems we’re going to have the opportunity to fall in love with a whole new group of fashion trendsetters and seasons, fingers crossed, of raunchy, backstabbing, drama!! Melrose Place is back with a whole new cast of beautiful twenty-somethings. Most notable onscreen talent in this new version, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz!!

Though entertainment is key in this new show, so is the FASHION!! Each sexy starlet will have a unique look as to highlight their individual style statements. Aimed to bring life to local brands, and perhaps inspire you to take your fashion to a whole new level!!

“I think it’s a good time for Los Angeles to be recognized in terms of design,” says costume designer Emma Trask, a celebrity and editorial stylist who uses local resources such as Erica Davies, Louis Verdad, Lloyd Klein, Cosa Nostra and Elise Overland in addition to Jean Paul Gaultier, Chloé, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga and Lanvin on the show. “The city is full of different looks, and each girl was set up to be very different stylewise.”

The debut takes place September 8!

Be sure to set your DVRs and report back letting us know what you think?!? I’m almost thinking this is event worthy…who’s in???

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