New Online Chocolate Location for Customizing Your Flavor, Chocomize

Chocolate-enthusiasts celebrate!

A new online company, Chocomize now offers you the opportunity to design and create your own chocolate treat! What a LUX-tastic way to make a special gift for someone who loves chocolate, or even a gift for yourself!

This new site is simple and walks you through the steps of creating the perfect tasting treat with ease! Simply choose from over 80 types of fruits, nuts, herbs and candies to create your ideal chocolate bar. It’s a fun way to tap into your inner creative ‘YUM’ genius and make a dessert with a custom twist.

Each bar is handmade and then shipped right to your front door, allowing you the freedom to create your delicious treat from home. You can even purchase gift certificates for others do create their own chocolates.

We encourage you to check out the site for yourself and let us know what you think!

LUXies, do you like the idea of being able to customize your chocolate treats?

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