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Planning a wedding isn’t easy. From the guest list to the floral arrangements, there are a million things to attend to. But planning an Indian wedding in the United States can be even more difficult. A typical Indian wedding in the U.S. has a budget three times larger than the average American wedding and a longer guest list. Where do Indian families turn? The answer: Exclusively.In, an e-commerce website that has just launched a new section for those planning Indian nuptials.

“There isn't a decent place in the U.S. where one can purchase good quality, high fashion garments or even unique accessories,” Nirbhika Moorjani, co-founder of the site, said. “There are so many weddings of friends, relatives and it often warrants a trip to India, but that’s not always practical! Even if we do make it to India, it’s a struggle to find something nice easily and at good prices.”

The founders’ brainchild, Exclusively.In, was created to fill that void. Selling all the latest Indian fashions, jewelry and home décor from top luxury South Asian brands at huge savings, the website is the ultimate shopping destination for anything Indian.

The new Weddings section of Exclusively.In is now the go-to resource for Indian wedding planners. Brides can find beautiful saris in plenty of styles, sizes and colors, grooms can discover handsome vestments, and families and friends can find appropriate gifts as well as apparel. The site also posts tips and videos to educate wedding organizers.

“Exclusively.In is unique because it creates a new way for Indian enthusiasts to buy luxury Indian and Indian-inspired brands without traveling to India, while providing these same luxury brands a large, affluent and highly targeted new global market,” Moorjani declared.

For Indian brides and grooms in the U.S, unearthing the perfect wedding gear can be a frustrating process. Now you can find those rare items handpicked from all areas of India – and get huge discounts of up to 70 percent off.

“There is always someone who has an Indian wedding to attend and never knows where to find (the right items),” Moorjani noted.

Planning an Indian wedding is a challenge, especially since the festivities last for days and the guest lists are typically extensive.

“There are definitely more functions and celebrations leading up to the wedding, making it a very long planning process,” Moorjani explained.

All the extras translate to higher price tags. In fact, Indian weddings are estimated to be a $20 billion industry worldwide.

For those struggling with these hefty sums, the site is a good place to find some deals. The website functions as a flash sale site with daily private sales available for a limited time only. Many of the site’s offerings are one-of-a-kind, and all goods are delivered straight to your door.

“We’re targeting anyone that has any interest or is curious about India,” Moorjani said. “We have great product that represents the best of India.”

Of course, the site is also worth checking out for its other Indian merchandise that can be worn around town or used to brighten up your home.

The site’s founders hope to build future additions and look forward to the day when their website is a global platform for everything Indian-inspired.

Visit and see for yourself.

Have you ever had to help plan an Indian wedding? Do you think this site would have helped you?

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