New York Design Hunting debuts first print edition on May 15

Print isn’t dead. With the new trend of websites becoming print magazines, New York Design Hunting is joining the bandwagon to be the first stand-alone title to come from the editors of New York magazine. The popularity of the’s online newsletter inspired the transition to print.

“The web is fantastic but, with the magazine, you can keep it and hold it and reference it,” said design editor Wendy Goodman, as reported by “You can take this with you.”

The debut magazine will feature three different covers displaying overturned paint cans in blue, red or yellow.

“This magazine is a hybrid of aspirational design and practical information,” added Goodman. “So the paint is beautiful and luscious looking but it’s also down to earth.”

The 220-page magazine will boast the usual New York apartment eye-candy stories that the site is known for, with a look at Murray Moss’ dubious Midtown apartment, as well as a Battery Park home that has an indoor tree house. The edition will also include more realistic locations including a 375-square-foot dentist’s office converted into a studio apartment.

“I’m engaged in personal design and it’s what draws me in as a reader,” said Goodman. “You always want to know why people made the decisions they made.”

Of the 220-pages, 74 pages will be for advertisements with 90 percent from design advertisers such as Sicis, Poltrona, Frau, Kravet, SieMatic, Artmide and Ralph Pucci.

New York plans to distribute 75,000 copies through a combination of newsstands and a special mailing to design professionals and enthusiasts. The debut edition will launch on May 15 but its future remains unclear as the company is still determining the schedule for the second edition.

“I’m really heartened for the support for print still,” said Goodman. “We’ll see how this goes.”

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