Radar: Demi, Gwyneth and Fergie bare all to mags

No, I’m not talking nudity. This week, the three female superstars shared the good, the bad, and the ugly with the press. Although the women didn’t have to worry about un-retouched photos and “natural” covershoots, fans wonder if they’ll regret getting intimate with editors.

Gwyneth Paltrow revealed to British Vogue that she’s got some anger issues. The magazine hits newsstands today and the Telegraph leaked some content that will have U.S. readers running for the UK issue. She told the mag, “I can ice people out and I can definitely harbour revenge.” The “Ironman” star was pretty glib about her ability to cut people out and hold a grudge. Not only that, she insinuated the current victim of her icey hate could be Madonna. She said about her business partner, “Yeah, it’s a good think she doesn’t train Madonna anymore.” Speaking of training, the GOOP writer claims losing 20 lbs was the greatest thing that’s happened to her and wants everyone to get a “Hollywood body”. She plans to open a studio in London shortly. Well, an aggressively in-shape woman that harbors lots of hate… sounds like Madonna should watch out.

Fergie showed a nicer side to Elle. She doesn’t plan to open an exercise studio but the singer was honest about her battles with eating. “There are times I play mind tricks on myself, like that the french fries are poison,” she told the mag. The Black Eyed Peas star definitely doesn’t hold herself up on a pedestal but she also feels pulled down by terms like “fugly”. She told Elle that she’s made negative press less of a priority in her life. That seems like a mature and healthy route to take.

While on the topic of the UK and Elle Magazine… UK Elle printed a very interesting interview with Demi Moore. Although she was in classic movies such as “St. Elmo’s Fire” and “Ghost”, the star is now better known for her killer bod than her acting work. StyleList reports, the actress confessed that she was consumed with diet and exercise, sometimes biking 35 miles before breakfast. “I had an extreme obsession with my body,” she told The Daily Mail. Although it’s rumored that Mrs. Kutcher has spent upwards of $3 million in plastic surgery, she remained mum on the subject. She said, “I have had something done, but it's not on my face.”

From Gwyneth’s honest hatred to Fergie and Demi’s battles with their bodies, these women definitely tackled some tough issues that will have ladies glued to the publication’s pages.

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