Nike Announces Commitment to Not Use ‘Deforestation Leather’

For all you Nike Fans, their stock has just gone up in our LadyLUX index!! Best known for their ‘Just Do It’ slogan, innovative athletic designs, and the integration of technology into footwear, are now making a statement on the GREEN front!!

That’s right, Nike has just formally announced they’ll no longer support any leather that comes from cows that have been raised in any deforested region!

…Nike takes seriously the issue of deforestation in the Amazon basin. We understand how important rainforests are to health of the planet and the implications deforestation has on climate change and global warming.

As we know, deforestation in the Amazon has been a growing problem. These actions are most often fueled by the need to create more land for faming and ranching purposes that are much more lucrative then forests.

As a way to cement this new declaration into their operations and production chain, they have issued an official ‘Amazon Leather Policy.’ Below is a brief synopsis:

The policy sets forth Nike’s requirements for transparency and traceability for Brazilian leather supplied for Nike products. In addition, Nike believes this is also a broader supply chain issue, requiring the involvement of all stakeholders to effect significant positive change. Nike will continue to work with the industry’s Leather Working Group, Greenpeace and other stakeholders to address this issue across the supply chain and, moving forward, we will also require all suppliers of leather for Nike product to join the Leather Working Group by December 2009.

This commitment is simple, yet so powerful. It clearly stands for the corporate social responsibility that is necessary as we move into the future! Responsibility lies with the consumers in knowing what their monies support. It’s clear that with this declaration, Nike is leading the way for others to also look at their processes and procedures to all take responsibility in sustaining the health of our planet.

“We applaud the leadership that Nike is taking on the critical issue of Amazon deforestation,” Greenpeace's national campaigns director, Lisa Finaldi, said.

Now when you purchase Nike, you know you’re not only investing in a high-quality pair of eco-leather shoes, but you’re also helping our planet by supporting their company philosophy!! Now that is what we call LUX-ified consumer power!!

What do you think LUX Nation? Does this declaration make you consider questioning if your leather is eco-friendly or think about your shopping habits in general? Is this a move you believe Nike needed to make?

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