Not Just a Label’ Enlists Model Lara Stone

New website ‘Not Just a Label’ aimed at showcasing edgy designers and their distinct styles to the world has recently gotten a lot of buzz. ‘Not Just a Label’ has enlisted sought after model, Lara Stone, to be part of its site.

“Fashion finds its freedom in the art of individuals; NOT JUST A LABEL is a place for those who find their way off the beaten track, allowing them to express themselves in a community where everything goes…break the mould, redefine the expected, re-colour the palette, inspire and be inspired.”-official site

Lara Stone is the ‘iconic Dutch supermodel, who believes that individuality is a necessary.’ Due to her increasing fan base as well as her impeccable tastes, she has been tapped as the online store host for the whole month of September!! LUXies, be sure to check out this site and see some of her distinct one of kind pieces for yourself.

As you explore the site make sure to check out ‘The Shop’ section, where you can explore the elite collection of never publically sold pieces. This is most definitely the go to spot to purchase one-of-a-kind attire. So go ahead and spoil yourself!!

Also note, that ‘Not Just a Label’ will continue to feature other FAB icons, such as the sexy, Lara Stone, so be sure to check back often!!

What do you think LUXies? Is this a site that peaks your inner-fashionista’s interest??

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