NYC Event:  The ‘140 Character Conference’

Calling all Twitter fans!!

Jeff Pulver, American Internet entrepreneur known for his work as founder and Chief Executive of, has designed a 2-day conference, ‘The 140 Characters Conference’ to explore the ‘effects of Twitter’ on celebrities, the media, advertising, lifestyles and politics.

To honor the 140-character theme, it will be unique and straight forward. The whole conference will hold brief individual talk sessions in 5/7/10 minute increments creating a platform with lots of engagement and interaction. This conference will definitely be distinct from past events! A conference built on a new way of communicating and completely built around this Twitter framework is innovative and simply LUX. wink

People from all over the world will be in attendance and the one bond they share is this Twitter obsession!! Some notable speakers include: Jeff Keni Pulver (The State of Now), Jack Dorsey (Co-founder & Chairman, Twitter), Tim O’Reilly (Founder & CEP, O’Reilly Media), David Saranga (Consul for Media and Public Affairs at the Israeli Consulate in New York), John A Byrne (Editor in Chief,, Jeffrey Hayzlett (Chief Marketing Officer, Kodak), Bernard Desarnauts (SVP International & GM Europe, Glam Media) and James Gross (Vice President, Federated Media).

“The people who are there, they’re not tech heads really, they’re just regular people,” said Mr. Pulver, the founder of the company that became Vonage, self-described “futurist,” and orchestrator of the event. –via

Topic sessions will include the exploration of The Twitter Ecosystem, The Effect of Twitter on Newspapers, Twitter and the Music Industry, Twitter and the Social Good, Twitter and Science, Twitter and Moms, Twitter and Public Diplomacy, Twitter and Small Business, Twitter and The Effect of Social Media on Fashion Brands and Retailers, and Twitter apps and what to expect next.

From the vast number of experts, to the unique format this 140 Character Conference is founded on, is creating great anticipation to the countdown of what will be a transformational event exploring current trends and some major future casting. ‘Cutting through the clutter and serving up the essentials!!’ Totally LUX—just the way we like it!

If you’re interested in attending, visit the 140 Character Conference website. It will be held on June 16 and 17 at the New World Stages on West 50th Street, New York City. There are several pricing options and special discount offers for new start-ups and entrepreneurs!

Good news for all those that cannot make this one. There will more Twitter Conferences coming to Los Angeles and London later this year.


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