Obama’s Best Green Goals

While Obama hasn't been in office all that long with his first 100 day marker approaching, we’re excited to see what the future holds. Green progress has become a focus in this administration as President Obama is thoughtfully placing a spotlight on it and making some noise by outlining his 7 Greenest Ideas.

Because the topic of Green Living is so important and one of Lady LUX’s faves, there is no way we could not bring this good news of government initiative forward! We know that these are mostly ideas thus far and not all things will work—however, we do believe awareness and brainstorming are the first steps to correcting something that is broken. And, if we could get the public and private sectors to unite on tackling these green issues for good for the sake of good, we believe dynamic transformation could happen to sustain our economy, environment, and lives.

The story below highlights Obama's best green goals. The magic black 8 ball forecasts an interesting future. smile

“So we're not congratulating Mr. Obama as much as celebrating the coming of an era where science is highly regarded rather than shunned, global warming is put under scrutiny rather than laughed off, and ideas like renewable energy and green jobs are embraced rather than ignored.”

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