LUX Update:  PowerWomenTV Aims at Revamping Women Role Models Via Media Channels

The role of women via media channels continues to evolve throughout time. Media channels has long played an important role in how women are portrayed both overtly as well as subliminally within society’s norms.

As we reported back in June, there’s a new online series soon to hit the air called PowerWomenTV. This show is meant to be an outlet to share real women’s inspiring stories aimed to shed more light on the female entrepreneurship world. These women are shaping the role models for our future youth. The goal is to offer an outlet that highlights real women who are following their dreams and sending a different message of possibility for future female leaders.

Produced and created by Amy Palmer, this show simply started out as a personal interest to explore powerful women and has become something so much more over time. The focus was to find women with strong vision and drive and who are living their authentic truth. As she started down this path, it seems that there was a clear definition of what ‘PowerWomenTV’ stood for. However, through this process Palmer realized that the careers and life choices communicated through traditional media needed an update.

According to Palmer in her Huffington Post article: “After spending six months interviewing women about their careers and life choices it became very clear to me that what we see on television does NOT reflect what today's women care about or focus on. Women's television programming needs a serious overhaul. So, I have decided that the PowerwomenTV brand would do just that ... turn women's programming on its head. It's a place for counteracting the vapid images of women that are broadcast around the world and their glorification of bad behavior, materialism and everything that goes along with it. It is time for women's reality television to GET REAL.

We wanted to give you a quick update on the progress of this online series, even highlighting a video from her up and coming series so you can get a taste of what to expect. Be sure to check it out and let us know your impressions of this series. Does it look like something you could help support? Are these the women that inspire you?

To read more visit: Huffington Post to read Amy Palmer's column or PowerWomenTV for the most current updates.

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