Prada Continues with Expansion Plans Despite Economic Factors

LUXies, this economic landscape has not affected the aggressive expansion plans of Prada!! Good news for all of us seeking our own authentic piece of LUX goods!

In 2008, 34 new boutique stores were opened across the globe and the newest Prada edition storefront has just opened its doors in Paris’s Place Beauvau, utilizing 6,500 sq. ft. of real estate!! As you can imagine this boutique will offer everything we have come to love about this fashion house!!

Not to mention LUX Nation, if you find yourself in Prague, you can visit the soon to open ‘women’s only’ boutique to launch at the end of this month. This store will utilize 8,600 sq ft and will be tailored to meet the female perspective. Bringing the total of Prada official boutiques to 241 worldwide and growing!!

The group aims to ramp up the contribution made by directly-owned stores by almost a third by 2011, and is targeting 70% of consolidated turnover from its own outlets, up from around 53% currently, a company spokesman said in Stylesight News.

As you can see LUXies, this Italian fashion label still has major plans to build out for the next 3 years and it seems nothing will deviate them from this plan!

What do you think LUX Nation? Are you happy to hear Prada is expanding??? IS this reasonable for the ultra-LUX fashion house to be doing right now???


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