Prescriptives Beauty Line Discontinued by Estee Lauder

LUX Nation, are any of you Presciptives beauty line faithfuls?

If so, you might want to stock up on your favorite products this fall because come January 31, 2010 this line will no longer be available.

Due to the economic condition, Estee Lauder has taken a closer look at their beauty lines and has decided to discontinue this product line to ensure the success of the company overall. Unfortunately, the Presciptives line is one of their least profitable and they’ve decided to realign these funds for more lucrative product distributions.

The good news is that the Calyx fragrance is a keeper and will continue to be available via store locations! For those of you interested in stocking up after the January 31 deadline, you can buy products online until the inventory lasts. Though, you might want to start sooner than later to ensure you get your hands on the must-haves! Free shipping with any $50 until 12/31/09.

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