Kanj sisters to debut House of Rena

You may not know Reem Kanj by name, but you definitely know her blog, 5'5 Girl in a 5'10 World. Originally inspired by her personal disbelief in the fact that women had to be tall in order to be taken seriously in the fashion industry, she quickly became a voice on the web known for her sassy segments such as “Gimme Gimme Gimme” and “Some Things Fabulous”. Now Reem Kanj, along with her sister Natalya Kanj, are ready to take their appreciation for fashion to a whole new level. Launching this summer, the Kanj sisters debut their first collection—House of Rena.

Definitely leaning towards evening wear, the lookbook features gorgeous girls walking the sands of Dubai in elegant, sumptuous gowns in gorgeous shades of purple, red, black and white. The collection is a mix of jersey knits and luxurious fabrics, offering an affordable daytime look with an evening alternative totally worth the splurge. About her collection, Reem told LadyLux that it represents their “love for being classic, chic and luxurious.” Each piece has a unique signature by the sisters—metal strands flowing down a shoulder or a beautifully embellished yoke—making each gown something worth passing down. “For us, evening dresses are timeless pieces you can pass on to the next generation,” said Reem.

Although their pieces are simple, the sisters want to be known their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and impressive embroidery. Subtle, yet total conversation-starters, the pieces can be easily worn by a rocker chick or a demure young lady, just add some metal here or chiffon there and you're set.

Right now, the sisters are currently negotiating with international buyers but they expect to be in the UK and United Arab Emirate stores in the next few months, meaning their willingness to debut their looks on LadyLux is pretty exciting! If you're interested in checking back with the Kanj sisters about their new collection, visit their web site at HouseofRena.com, where they will post all information about the brand, including international retailers. Also, don't forget to follow Reem on twitter @ReemKanj!

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House of Rena/Purple Neon

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