Profile: Kasil + Taylor Jacobson for Fall

Kasil’s new Workshop collection is a true testament in collaboration. The denim designer, David Lim, created the platform in an effort to expand their creativity out of their prescribed “box”. The women’s fall 2010 lookbook was guest-designed by Taylor Jacobson, the celeb stylist and ex-assistant of Rachel Zoe. One look at the book and it’s easy to pinpoint Jacobson’s edgy, rock touch. Lim told LadyLUX, “Taylor’s styling adds a whole new element to our lookbook…it’s a total attitude shift.” From ultra skinny black jeans to distressed peg legs, the bleached blonde models exude her casual rocker look. Although it’s monochromatic, the line is not all black (Jacobson’s signature color) but rather an assortment of denim washes from shiny blue to light grey.

Star of “The Rachel Zoe Project”, it was repeatedly hinted that Jacobson would fly the coop. In November, Jacobson finally left her job of hanging clothes and answering phones for a freelance career in styling.

The “Minx” pant was her signature piece with Lim. Available in multiple colors, Jacobson thought the pant communicated her adoration for simplicity. “I like less is more”, she told California Apparel News. David Lim concurred and told us, “Taylor’s sense of style is what attracted us to begin with.” It was Taylor's common appreciation and aesthetic that brought the two denim enthusiasts together, “I think if we had brought in a stylist who didn’t share many of the same principles we did you would have seen more divergence in our collection.”

Although Taylor's experience is styling and not designing, she was surprisingly well-versed in the land of jeans. Lim said, “Taylor’s knowledge of fabric was impressive. She had a different take on how to use denim, which allowed us to come at pieces from new angles.” She also mixed up the shoots a bit, changing up a typical day at Kasil and gave the designer many moments of inspiration, “Little things change… like the music we played at the photo shoot,” said Lim. “It was totally different because Taylor chose it. It's subtle changes like that which make the lookbook, and really the collection, a combination of Taylor’s styling and Kasil’s design.”

Does Lim have plans of working with Jacobson again? Although Lim says the Kasil team is very busy with a different project as we speak, “We love the current collaboration, so I think the Kasil feeling is that we’d love to have her back.”

Currently, Lim is preparing the S/S 2011 collection. Any surprises? “We are currently working with a lot of different fabrics. It’s different because, as you know, we are really a denim brand and really loyal to the fabric,” Lim told LadyLUX. New fabrics? We know Kasil does superb denim garments, so there's no telling where this new endeavor could launch them.

Check out the gallery for a peek at the 2010 lookbook and make your purchase on their Web site at KasilJean.com.

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