Puma Launches NEW Mobile Euro Campaign + Partners with Soles4Souls

Calling all LUX sport enthusiasts! Puma is launching their first interactive campaign to coincide with the Euro championships. This is especially designed for all of you ‘futbol’ fans, or what we refer to as soccer here in the States!

This ‘Together Everywhere’ mobile program is aimed at creating a global community by combining technology and sports. The campaign will allow you to set a customized alert system with your FAV ‘chant or song’ to alert you when your team makes a power move!! You’ll also be allowed to have 10 FREE one-minute calls to your ‘fellow fans’ list immediately following the alert. There’s also an additional perk for using this new platform immediately following the game; you’ll receive a discount coupon that’s good for any Puma online store. Immediate updates, free calls, and store coupons, what could be more LUX for all you sport enthusiasts?!?

“The idea of event-triggered conference calls is very exciting. We've all seen the mobiles come out after a goal is scored and we wanted to leverage that behavior and make it even easier for supporters to celebrate with their buddies or family members for free across as many European markets as possible,” said Michael Neth, group head of interactive marketing at Puma, in a statement. –via

LUXies, I know this might not be something that tickles your fancy, but it most definitely might interest your significant other or your European pals! Pass the word on to register for this program for free by visiting

PLUS, for all you philanthropists, Puma has also partnered with Soles4Souls to help provide footwear for all those in need of shoes around the globe!! We’re encouraging you to turn in all your old shoes by July 12th at any Puma store across the country to receive a 30% discount on a new pair!! That way LUXies, you can combine your love of shopping with your need to make a difference in the world.

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