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Nestled in the heart of California’s Corona del Mar, BeachCandy serves up some tantalizing swimwear options that do their best to live up to their namesake. Offering both customized handmade swimsuits and ready-to-wear options, the luxury swimwear line draws partially draws the “candy” in its name from the Swarovski crystal finishing carefully positioned on each of its pieces to highlight the woman’s curves. For those lucky enough to be within a stone’s throw of Orange County, Calif., try checking out the brand’s flagship boutique for a truly unique experience working one-on-one with designer/owner Brittany Barber and live firsthand her attention to fit, quality, design and detail. LadyLUX caught up with the designer for a quick Q&A in-between her busy design and managing schedule.

LadyLUX: So tell me about your background. How did you get into fashion?

Brittany Barber: From a very young age, the pure construction of clothing captivated me. I began sewing at 11 years old, and once I constructed my first swimsuit, I was in love. It has been about 10 years since then, and I continually fall in love daily with the work I do.

LL: What was your inspiration for your latest line?

BB: My inspiration this season are my clients. Each piece has been designed around the continual requests and desires of my clients.

LL: Describe your collections for me overall. What is your aesthetic?

BB: We now have five divisions / collections. The Baby BeachCandy Collection: swimwear and cover-ups sizes 2T to 6/7. Young Adult: sleek, sexy cuts with light Swarovski candy detail at affordable price points. Mature: moderate to full coverage swim styles with Swarovski candy detail and matching cover-ups. Bridal: a mini collection offered for brides-to-be with several customizable bridal options. Plus-Size Collection: fabulous fit with high attention to detail focusing on a high fashion look.

LL: What are you most excited about with this collection and why?

BB: What is most exciting about these new collections/pieces is that they offer every woman the confidence she desires. This is a reward greater than all else. A swimsuit is the most courageous ensemble a woman wears.

LL: Do you wear your own designs? Which is your favorite?

BB: I wear them all. It really depends on the day, my mood and the outing. Today I would wear our Elysia one-piece while having a drink poolside ... I am feeling modest and relaxed today. You can also find me in our mini Brazilian-cut suit as well. They are all so fun. Our clients often admit to collecting BeachCandies and I don't blame them!

BeachCandy swimwear

LadyLUX via BeachCandy

LL: What do you love most about designing swimwear?

BB: What I love most about designing swimwear is the technical pattern-making. Working with my hands, paper and a pencil for an afternoon in our studio in the back of the shop is heaven on earth to me.

LL: What made you choose swimwear in particular to design?

BB: I chose swimwear in particular for several reasons. The construction is quite elaborate and complex when done correctly. Our line is also counteracting the mass-produced swimwear that only leads to compromise. From our flawless fit to strategically placed Swarovksi candy detail, when you try on a BeachCandy, you can feel the quality and attention to detail.

LL: What do you credit with your success?

BB: Undying loyalty to each and every one of our clients. We work side by side with each woman until we have created her own personalized perfect swimsuit.

LL: Why call your line BeachCandy?

BB: The Swarovski Crystals inspired our name BeachCandy. All the swimsuits are made in deliciously saturated colors while sparkling in the sun. They are like candy and you really can't help yourself. Once you own a BeachCandy, you are addicted to the fit and feel of our swimwear.

LL: What kind of woman do your designs target?

BB: My BeachCandy woman is truly every woman. We begin with a conversation and before you know it, we are both inspired to begin the production for her own idea of the perfect swimsuit.

Check out all of BeachCandy’s luscious lines at or visit their California store in Corona del Mar at 2824 East Coast Highway.

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LadyLUX via BeachCandy

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