Radar: ANTM’s next model will grace Italian Vogue

While most models wait a lifetime to grace the cover of Italian Vogue, the next lucky winner of Tyra Bank's reality show “America's Next Top Model” will get the chance to strike a pose on the famous fashion magazine. Although Seventeen Magazine has been offering the winners a six-page spread, the American magazine wasn't enough for the supermodel host, who decided to trade the iconic teen mag for a high-fashion alternative. Jay Emanuel told New York Post blog, PopWrap, “It's so incredible that we've grown the show to a point where the fashion industry takes us seriously. Cycle one was this little show that could—Tyra wanted to give people this back door glimpse and cycle fifteen feels like a rebirth”.

It's easy to say that the stakes are high as ever for the girls of Cycle 15 (holy moly!). Not only do they have to impress America, but now they have to knock the espadrilles off of the Mediterranean. Manuel told PopWrap, “It's so major and makes the pressure huge”.

Ann Shoket, Editor in Chief of Seventeen Magazine, attempted the calm and collected approach while talking to WWD today. She said, “‘ANTM' has been a fantastic friend with benefits—but we both thought it was time to start seeing other people.” It's cute to refer to your former boss as a lover, but obviously Seventeen got the short end of the stick when their ex left them for a hot foreigner.

Rumor has it that Vogue's contributing editor, Andre Leon Talley used some of his fashion mag magic to score the deal for his pal Tyra. The fun judge has remained mum.

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