Radar: Giles Deacon named Creative Director of Ungaro

Ever since founder, Emanuel Ungaro retired from the fashion industry, his namesake has seen a long list of leadership. So it may be no surprise to hear that Giles Deacon has been named as the new creative director of Ungaro. He'll take on many of Estrella Archs' duties, who stepped down last month as chief designer. Archs' has been known as changing the face of the European brand by introducing Lindsay Lohan as Artistic Director in 2009.

Although they've had many changes since the founder's retirement in 2004, this collaboration could prove to be the perfect fit. Ungaro is known for bold colors and sexy cuts, outfitting some of the hottest faces in Hollywood and gracing all the red carpets. Contrastingly, although Giles is girly and fun…. his designs are much more deliberate, structured, and femininity is slightly constrained by his modern lines. Remember his models with the motorcycle helmuts at his 2009 Spring presentation? Perhaps the chap will bring a sense of humor to Ungaro's flirtatious collections. He told WWD, ““I obviously don’t want to infringe upon my own line, but I like things that are very feminine, lots of color, great prints, great quality, some unusual cuts.”

The spirited designer may have to multitask with his new partnership because he's not planning to take anything off his plate. He has said that he doesn't plan to stop designing his personal collection and he'll continue to collaborate with London retailer New Look, from which he's received lots of praise for his “Gold by Giles” collection.

It's clear that most anything Giles' touches, turns to gold. Hopefully, he'll do the same for Ungaro.

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