Radar: Givenchy, Givenchy, Givenchy

It seems in the last week that Givenchy has been all over the place. A past designer for the brand, Guillame Henry, is in news for starting a new line, Carven. And there’s rumors that the fashion house’s muse is about to make her solo debut. On a totally separate note, Givenchy tweeted about a super cool internet start-up that has the fashion world buzzing.

Elle UK reported late last week that the French designer, Henry, would start his own collection called Carven. The architectural line features bellowing pockets, cropped tops and a monochromatic palette. Lady Lux loves the idea for the line, “His imagined muse for spring was a chic French teenager who is unaware of how beautiful she is, who’s always dressed in clothes that are too big or too small.” It’s as if his models are dressed up in their mother’s clothes… and totally pulling it off.

Daughter of the French couturier Jean Louis Scherrer, Leonor Scherrer was the fierce face of the 2009 Givenchy ad campaign and is preparing to launch her new line – Leonor Funeral Couture. Rumor has it, Leonor got the idea for the line due to the lack of luck she had finding an ensemble for Yves Saint Laurent’s funeral. She combined her avant-garde edge with the family biz and came up with a collection of clothes for the mourning. This could be a step in the right direction for the model, Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci once said, “For me, she represents France in all senses: the elegance, the aristocracy” — and, évidemment — “the darkness.”

Speaking of taking a risk, Givenchy recently tweeted about Fashion Stake, a new internet venture that will allow customers to purchase a stake in designer’s collection and receive clothing credits in return. The idea is inspired by social media networks and is aiming to create a connection between design and product, allowing consumers to have a voice regarding everything from content to distribution. “Why should we leave it up to just a couple of people to decide what the public wants? Let's actually just go straight to the crowd,” the firm’s chief exec, Daniel Gulati, told Reuters.

Whether they’re raising new designers, inspiring their own muses or being on the forefront of the growing face of fashion – it seems best to pay attention to Givenchy if you want to go ahead of the curve.

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