Radar: Huggies makes denim diapers

Available for tré chic toddlers everywhere this summer, Huggies has released a new line of denim-inspired diapers. Even though your kid isn't big enough to put on a pair of True Religions, he can strut his stuff (and occasionally mess up) in his fashionable yet utilitarian underwear.

I'm not gonna lie, the commercial is absolutely adorable. While most kids commercials are cheesy, complete with baby-talking parents and pastel themes—this spot is anything but. A tyke in a pair of Little Movers Jeans Diapers catches the attention of a couple ladies at lunch, who push their glasses down to catch a glimpse of the fashion-forward toddler.

You might wonder where Huggies got the idea. Well, the New York Times reports that “40 percent of mothers wear jeans most days of the week and 57 percent buy jeans for babies within their first six months”. This all means that jeans are on the minds of mothers everyday, and even more so after their kid hits six months. Since mothers are baby shoppers, they're the trendsetters when it comes to selling to toddlers.

The styles are scheduled to hit U.S. shores next month. Grab a pair and be the first to have your babe rocking jeans at their playdate.

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