Radar: Is Fashion Becoming More Eco-Friendly?

Today, March 30, Women’s Wear Daily put three stories live that all put a big question in fashionistas minds—are fashion companies getting more eco-friendly? From Hermés hybrid boats to Geox breathable buildings, it seems that fashion houses are starting to get more environmentally conscious and not being too subtle in showing them off.

Dante Benini, the architect for the new Geox store in Milan, designed that space to be breathable so that temperature would be more easily regulated, which would reduce energy costs. In terms of their carbon footprint, the building’s emissions have been reduced by 75 percent and their grade went from a class D to a class A. The coolest part of the new eco-friendly venture? It totally falls in line with the product. All of Geox’s goods are made from breathable materials. It seems the Italian brand has fused fashion and technology in a sustainable style.

At LA Textile Fair, many might allege that the reason unnatural fibers are leaving the runways is just because they’re too darn expensive. Nevertheless, the expo revealed a conscious effort towards natural fibers and faux fur. This push for more social consciousness may also be amping up creativity. WWD reported, “South Korea’s Premy Tex Ltd integreated the trend for hard metal into plush fur. The company offered polyester fake fur treated with a metallic snakeskin print and bonded polyester fake rabbit that appeared dusted with gold specks.” Now, that’s some LUX fake fur.

However, not all green news is good news.

To every jetsetter’s dismay, Hermés International is not as successful in adding an environmentally conscious aspect to the high-end brand. Reported from Paris, they have ended their partnership with Wally, a European yacht maker to create an “extra-wide, environmentally sustainable yacht”. Although Hermés decided not to jump on board, Wally will continue with the plans for the ultra-lux boat. Somehow Hermés will collect sales of the vessel until 2020, regardless of their decision to pull out.

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