Radar: La Perla and Jean Paul Gaultier team up

It's not a huge surprise that La Perla chose Jean Paul Gaultier as a collaborator in their new La Perla Designer Collection. Gaultier, whose perfume bottles are in the shape of women's bodies and covered in lacy bustiers, seems like a natural choice for the Italian lingerie company. Although he's never dabbled in underwear, he clearly appreciates the aesthetic, incorporating brassieres and sensual fabrics into most of his clothing.

“I met Jean Paul Gaultier a few months ago, and we immediately hit it off because we shared a common vision of beauty, style, taste and quality. So we agreed to try this adventure together and unite our savoir faire,” said Alain Prost, chief executive officer of La Perla.

Infamous for outfitting Madonna in a cone bra, the iconic item will find a place in the new capsule collection, along with with a bodysuits, bras and corsets inspired by material girl's look. On July 7, Gaultier will debut two of the lingerie looks at his couture show. Both La Perla and Gaultier are very proud of the collaboration and are making it known that quality is of the highest priority. Each piece is handmade and only crafted using the finest fabrics. The color palette will be simple and sexy in black and pink, with accents of coral and blue.

The painstakingly made pieces will go for a pretty penny. Expect paying upwards of $1,000 for corsets or negligées. Besides stocking the shelves of La Perla and Jean Paul Gaultier, the capsule collection will eventually fill up department stores such as Neiman Marcus and Galeries Lafayette in Paris.

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