Radar: Lustr app brings the sales to the shoppers

Annoyed by the number of mailing lists taking up your inbox? Instead of letting your favorite stores get piled into your SPAM folder, why not customize the way you're contacted? Lustr has taken sale savvy shoppers to the next level with their new app, which released today after five months in beta stages. For now, the app is only available in the Big Apple and the Hamptons but they have plans to expand to other cities in the U.S. So what's the draw? Instead of receiving an email everyday regarding a sale, which you probably ignore, Lustr only notifies you of sales, events or promotions when you are within a certain distance. For example, if you only want to know about sales when you're down the block, you can specify to only notify you when you are within a .5 mile radius. If you don't mind a drive, or live outside the city, you can ask to be notified within a few miles of the store.

Gary Ragusa, founder and chief executive officer of Lustr believes the app will connect shoppers with retailers, since one of the major problems is just getting people to walk in the store. By alerting them on their way to coffee, work or the gym, they have a chance to catch a shopper that might not have been intending to hit a sale. He told WWD, “When the recession hit, combined with the popularity of flash sales, it became a challenge to physically get shoppers inside of a retailer and purchasing.”

The great thing about Lustr is everything you want to know about your favorite fashions is entirely up to you. The app allows you to pick your favorite labels, brands, neighborhoods or stores. Combined with a database of approximately 2,000 stores and 3,500 brands, this allows Lustr to completely personalize your shopping to-do list on a minute-by-minute basis. This could be an interesting boost in commerce, since a study recently revealed that almost 75 percent of apparel, shoe and accessory retailers do not have a mobile strategy in place. With the abundant popularity of smart phones and social media, it seems reinvesting some funds in mobile apps might be a good way to get the word out about retail.

Want to download? Check out the Lustr app here at the iTunes store.

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