Radar: Offshore Drilling, Green Hotels and Urban Gardening

Although Barack Obama promised the environmentally conscious that offshore drilling wouldn’t be on his presidential agenda, this week he made plans to go forth off the coasts of Mexico, Alaska and Virgina. Oceana, an organization for ocean conservation, is making Obama step up to the plate and recognize the threat it poses to our world, as well as consider other more “green” alternatives. Planet Green reported that upping our spending in renewable resources can also boost the economy, “The University of Massachusetts has shown that for every $1 million of U.S. investment in clean air technology (including wind, solar, smart grid work and building retrofits to increase energy efficiency), three times more jobs are created than if the same amount were invested in oil and gas.” You’d think Obama would have at least done more research than his predecessor. Back in 2009, George W. Bush had gotten in trouble for a lack of scientific inquiry and the leases were determined to be unsupported. In regards to this week’s announcement, Michael LeVine of Oceana told the Web site, “Trial and error is the wrong way to find out whether it's safe to drill in the Arctic Ocean.”

While the United States might be having it’s issues remaining on the eco-friendly route, one Argentinean hotel is defying design and helping out the environment at the same time. Treehugger reported that the posh spot in the Puerto Madero barrio, owned by Swiss Finance & Property and the OWN chain, would be the first LEED certified building in the country. LEED means they are sustainable and environmentally conscious, following requirements such as access to public transportation, utility saving appliances, water saving, and recycling systems.

Speaking of sustainable… Do you love your NYC high-rise but miss your country house? The Plant Room, developed by a New Zealand-based design group called Wellington, solves your gardening woes by attaching a prefabricated room onto your apartment. The makers of The Plant Room told Mother Nature Network about the great and green apartment accessory, “A Plant Room provides hot water for one occupant and a healthy growing space for herbs, fruit and vegetables all year round. It also offers a worm farm, a rainwater tank, an outdoor space and an enclosed room. It is designed to improve the quality of apartment living while reducing the energy and water use of its occupants. It could also be a suitable solution to office retro-fits.” I love clip on earrings… A clip on garden sounds fab!

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