Radar: Mugler launches Womanity scent

When Thierry Mugler partnered with Clarins and launched Womanity.com, a website that preaches female love and unity, it was definitely suspected that a fragrance deal might come out of it. Launched in March, the site has already seen 1 million visitors. The perfumer, who is known for launching the megahit Angel in 1992, has been out of the picture since 2005 putting a smell of suspicion in the air regarding his next move.

Thierry Mugler isn’t just starting a buzz on his web site, but now the cat is out of the bag. His new perfume, Womanity, will be released this coming fall. The made-up word and name of his website preaches open expression and communication between women of all backgrounds. He plans to translate this idea into the fragrance by using a multitude of design aesthetics for the bottle, from art deco to gothic, and using a variety of scent elements, which will allow it to communicate to many different types of women.

One of the most difficult tasks in creating Womanity, was combining that savory and sweet smells Mugler wanted. Fig fruit and caviar were the contrasting notes, and the woodsy note of a fig tree completed the scent’s composition.

Joel Palix, president of the Paris-based Clarins Fragrance Group Worldwide, told WWD, “[Mugler] wanted all generations of women to be encapsulated in the frieze.”

We also wrote about the launch of Womanity.com in March.

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