First We Stream The Runway, Now We Can Rent The Runway?

Let's face it, LadyLux community, you love clothing; moreover you love COUTURE. While we admire and covet what comes the runway every spring and fall, we may not be able to drop a month’s (or three) rent on the latest season must-haves.

Well, Jennifer Hyman (Jenn) and Jennifer Carter Fleiss (Jenny) have solved your luxury fashion woes with their new site Rent the Runway.

LUXies, you can now RENT COUTUREi>.

The invitation-only site lets members deck themselves in Herve Leger on a Club Monaco budget through it's online borrowing system.

Hyman and Fleiss designed the site to fill the needs of women “who want to have fun with fashion but who don’t want to deal with all the anxiety of investing in piece after piece.” Through exclusive relationships with top designers, RTR is able to curate and continually update its stock with the latest pieces (PSFK).

RTR delivers the dress you select right to your door (bonus: same-day delivery is available if you live in NYC). To be safe, they will also send you a second, back-up size (bonus points for this feature). When you’re done with the dress, you just mail the dress back in a pre-paid package. Dress rental costs range from about $50 – $200.

For those of you who are long time members of Avelle (formerly Bag, Borrow or Steal) or brides-to-be living on The Knot planning your perfect day, Rent The Runway is another digital style addiction to bookmark in Delicious.

RTR gives new definition to saying “Dress For Less”. Better sign up for the invite!

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