Retailers take a risk with Middleton’s name

Kate Middleton is the talk of the U.K. right now, especially for her fashion choices. If retailers plan to reap the benefits of her style, however, they should be careful.

A royal aide told British Vogue that using the name “Kate” is acceptable, since she is not the only Kate, but the use of her last name would insinuate an endorsement of the product. Copyright infringement would be an issue if a Kate or Catherine Middleton dress were to hit the racks.

As mentioned in a post to LadyLUX on Dec. 14, retailers plan to re-release the looks in Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement photos. The personal pieces, a Reiss dress and a Whistles blouse, are supposed to be in stores once again in February. Whistles has renamed the top the “Kate” blouse.

The Issa dress that she wore in her engagement photo caused such a fervor, it sold out in 24 hours.

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