Safor unveils handbags for less

British purse brand Safor is releasing a new, more affordably priced line.

“When we started out in 2007, our bags were very much created by appointment only,” Sarah Forsyth, the brand's founder and designer, told Vogue UK. “It was quite couture-based. What we've done is bring in a new line - it'll still be very classic and high end, but we're hoping it'll appeal to a broader demographic. It's been designed with twenty-somethings in mind.”

Brightly colored Safor bags have been around since 2008 and have worn been the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow. Sometime after its launch, the brand was scooped up by House of Fraser.

Forsyth reports she had sent the actress a purple and blue faux lizard clutch, expecting little. She was later surprised to see a photo of Paltrow strutting around in the same purse. Paltrow even sent a handwritten note saying she adored the purse and thanking the designer for sending it. Forsyth was blown away.

The concept is, of course, to reach consumers during our troubled economic times.

“With the economic climate as it is, I wanted to create pieces that everyone could buy into, not just the wealthy elite,” Forsyth said to Vogue UK. “The couture line will still exist, and we'll keep adding new leather skins and new fabrics to keep it fresh and exciting.”

Forsyth’s inspiration is a marriage of London’s “fast-paced, fearless fashion industry,” and Florence’s “dedication to quality.” This new line is just one of hopefully many steps the brand will make in the future.

“In the long term, I'd love to explore wallets and create iPad covers in different colors,” she said. “For now, though, handbags are where my passion lies.”

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Purple Neon/LadyLUX via Safor

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