San Francisco’s Mass-Transit it Getting a ‘Solar’ Addition

LUXies, it seems San Francisco is taking a huge stance for our planet by leading the way in solar power technology by installing 1,100 new solar powered bus stops throughout the Golden Gate!! So LUX-ified!!!

The first of its kind was installed May 29th and once the prototype proves successful, they plan to incorporate each of the new ‘solar shelters’ by 2013. The new installs will allow for travelers to have full Wi-Fi access while they wait as well as helping to generate extra power for the State!! The solar power will be the main source of lighting for the LED display conveying bus arrival times and each system is also meeting the needs of the visually impaired. As well as having a push-to-talk system that speaks the bus arrival time and map aloud.

Each new bus shelter will be made of materials that are meant to reduce maintenance costs and resist some forms of graffiti and etching, which Mayor Newsom said was a bane of the older systems. –via SF Streets Blog

Yes, yes, yes, all this LUX-ocity is great for the city of San Francisco and the State of California. However, LUX and the maintenance associated with it doesn’t come cheap—as we know, you gotta pay to play! So expect to see your fares rise $.50 a ride beginning July 2009.

The solar bus stops will cost $25,000-$30,000 a piece and Clear Channel is footing the bill for the City in exchange for 55% of the advertising revenue for the next 15 years of the 20 year contract. This advertising platform is estimated to generate about $300 million for Clear Channel and definitely a valuable investment both financially as well as environmentally!!

Lady LUX is proud of San Francisco for incorporating a ‘future’ forward approach to helping the planet and making a difference. We see this as a win-win for all!!! Go Green in true LUX fashion.

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