Saturday Night Live Partners with Barneys New York for Humorous Holiday Decor

Combine holiday inspiration with humor and what do you get? A new LUX-ified window décor theme from Barneys New York called ‘Have a Witty Holiday.’

In partnership with NBC’s Saturday Night Live, Barneys will be showcasing a variety of themes from the 35-year history of the iconic show as interpreted through the eyes of creative director Simon Doonan.

“Barneys is fun, cool and witty,” Doonan said in WWD.com. “We’re deemphasizing flagrant luxury and reemphasizing fun.”

As you can see, this new theme is definitely different from previous years. Most recently, in 2008 Barneys implemented a more socially inspired theme of ‘Peace & Love.’ The year prior to that, 2007, they took on a more global and sustainable theme of ‘Have a Green Holiday.’

What you can expect in 2009 are three of the Madison Avenue windows dedicated to the SNL popular skits that will most likely spark some reminiscent times of the good ol’ days. According to WWD.com, this lineup includes: the “Coneheads; Steve Martin as King Tut; Martin and Dan Akryod as Two Wild and Crazy Guys; Molly Shannon’s Mary Katherine Gallagher; Gilda Radner’s Roseanne Roseannadanna; Tina Fey dressed as Sarah Palin carrying a crossbow and Amy Poehler behind the ‘Weekend Update’ anchor desk.“

The new holiday inspired windows will be revealed on November 16 in conjunction with SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels.

So LUXies, what do you think of this new theme by Barneys New York? Do you prefer the humorous approach to this year’s holiday season?

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The 35th anniversary tribute window sketch by Doonan. Photo by Simon Doonan

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