Save Trees Use Eco-Friendly Golf Tees

LUXies, we wanted to introduce to you an eco-friendly golf tee for not only the LUX-golfer in all of us, but perhaps as a unique gift option for the eco-golf Dad. Father’s Day is less then a month a way and we all know that small shifts can make major impacts. wink

You see, the average golfer uses about 336 tees a year and one adult Birch tree can manufacture about 200,000 tees. This all sounds reasonable until you take into account the number of golfers in the United States alone.

(Block Quote) According to the National Golf Foundation and the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association (SGMA), over 25 million Americans play golf. –

That means that around 42,000 trees are cut down each year to fulfill demand. Although, these tees are small the vast quantity makes a huge impact on our environment in a number of ways. Since the current wooden tee design does not withstand the ‘hacker-shot’ often times these estimates could be even higher for the beginner.
So to align with the eco-trend and bring golf into the 21st century, Tee-guard has engineered a durable resin tee that never breaks called Launcher Tee. Offering all the usability as the traditional fee, but with out the constant replacement aspect. This evolution of the tee fits right in with how wooden drivers are now replaced with titanium versions. Think of this update as the golf tee 2.0!

With this resilient and long-lasting alternative to the traditional golf tee we have the possibility of saving many trees by simply making more eco-friendly choices the next time you set your eyes on those ‘greens’ ☺

Interested in knowing more? Check out biodegradable tees and biodegradable golf balls as well.

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